Let’s Talk about Libraries

Suffolk Conservatives are working to deliver efficient services and value for money for all local residents and businesses. We know it’s a struggle making ends meet. That’s why we are determined to continue managing the county’s resources extremely carefully – cutting waste, bureaucracy and management costs ā€” so we can protect front-line services and keep council tax down. As a result of this, for example, we have ensured that all 44 of Suffolk’s libraries have a secure and sustainable future focused on community needs and with county council funding.

As Labour’s candidate for Rushmere, Sandra Gage has had her picture taken outside Rosehill library it is obvious that Ipswich Labour intend to lie about libraries again. If Ipswich Labour want to make Libraries an issue during this May’s council elections they are going to have to be against Labour’s Policy Review which states

Building innovative partnerships with community groups, charities and businesses will drive up standards and increase user-ship

I guess that the Labour party decided to follow yet another Conservative policy because Library closures are overwhelmingly taking place under Labour councils

As Judy Terry said here, All 44 of Suffolk’s libraries are secure and thriving but no thanks to Labour.

All 44 of Suffolk’s libraries are thriving, under new management, with services tailored to local community needs. Suffolk County Council was praised in a Parliamentary debate for its innovative library development programme. To get involved, contact your nearest library.

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