David Ellesmere’s latest Gimmick

The first two or three years after a Labour government can be a bit difficult for many people. A spending hangover of too much spend, spend, spend and not enough sound economic management, getting used to there being no money left can make it difficult to get the economy back on track.

It is also a very challenging time for businesses, and retailers in particular. After the Labour Government spending spree, people tend to shut up their purses and wallets as the Conservatives try to get the nations finances back in order. It’s no surprise that after a Labour government is a time when many businesses close down as they review how the economy has been wrecked by the previous Labour government.

The tough economic conditions are clearly causing problems. However it’s clear that the economy is going to improve soon.

David Ellesmere tells us that the council will keep the £1 an hour parking offer going. He’s been a Councillor in Ipswich for nearly eighteen years and this is the first time town centre council car parking charges have been reduced. It shows that as leader of the current Labour administration, Mr Ellesmere is prepared to misuse his position and use any gimmick possible to get elected in 2015.

Thanks to Mr Ellesmere for providing the inspiration (Unintentionally I’m sure.) for this post.

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