Ipswich Labour’s Breathtaking Lack of Understanding of Economics

Yesterdays Full Council meeting saw the utter shredding of the document misleadingly called Ipswich Economic Development Strategy by the Conservatives and the Saint Margaret’s Residents Association Liberal Democrats.

After Councillor Carole Jones had waffled a bit about it Councillor Kym Stroet stood up and proceeded to annihilate it

> Ipswich’s economy has coped comparatively well despite challenging economic conditions.

comparatively to where?

> We will do more to ensure local businesses are claiming the relevant reliefs and grants they are entitled to

Fore Street Shops

> We will seek to use local suppliers and workers wherever possible >

Ipswich Angle printed in Kings Lynn

Kym Stroet gloriously shredded it to pieces and showed it for the absolute waste of paper and ink that it is.

Saint Margaret’s Ward Residents Association Lib Dem leader Councillor Andy Cann mentioned that none of his recommendations that he’d been told would be added had been added and proceeded to repeat them.

It was apparent to all in the public gallery that the portfolio holder was absolutely clueless as she waffled away. At one point leader of the council, David Ellesmere blamed George Osbourne for the complete emptiness of the Ipswich Economic Development Strategy. Not realising how ridiculous he sounded.

Leader of the Conservative Group Councillor Chris Stewart said that the vision was a wish list with added myths.

The whole document was totally ripped to shreds and shown for the absolutely vacuous rubbish that it truly is.

Councillor Richard Pope raised a point of order, stating that Councillor Jones kept saying that we were in a recession when we are not in a recession as reported by Ipswich Spy here.. We all knew that Carole Jones was completely clueless about economics but shockingly when Councillor Pope said that we are not in a recession every Labour Councillor incredulously claimed that we were. Labour Councillor Bryony Rudkin then tweeted

Don’t usually tweet but a Tory just got up and said “we’re not in recession” #speechless #allinthistogether”.

Some people in the public gallery were also speechless by Ipswich Labour’s total lack of any understanding of economics.

Bryony Rudkin, told the meeting that she had googled recession and that Councillor Pope was wrong because there was the prospect of an unprecedented triple dip recession. Which was followed by the word ‘prospect’ being said by non Labour Councillors.

Councillor John Carnall said that a recession was two quarters of negative growth and therefore the UK was not in recession because we have not had two quarters of negative growth. To which some Labour Councillors falsely claimed that we’d had three.

After the meeting Councillor Pope said “Labour show their lack of comprehension over economic affairs when they ridicule me for saying that the UK isn’t in recession. They should read an economic primer, like the former Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson had to, because one quarter of negative growth isn’t a recession. We came out of recession in Q3 of 2012.”

Ipswich Labour’s lack of understanding of economics is truly breathtaking

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4 Responses to Ipswich Labour’s Breathtaking Lack of Understanding of Economics

  1. You missed out the bit about Tesco’s and the fact Labour voted against the new proposal for Ipswich even though it would bring in new jobs and homes to a run down area. Counc Carnall pointed out that originally it was a 70million pound project but now will be a 50million stating that Labour admin had lost us £ 20million in one swoop. The portfolio holder responded by saying that Tescos didn’t do very well last year.
    I leave readers to decide what that was supposed to mean. It left me open mouthed.

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