Judy Terry’s latest Flyer column

Judy Terry

A good article except I disagree with some points. There is a shortage of brown field sites and housing on the water front is likely to be bought up by people wanting a weekend getaway who won’t pay council tax as it would be their second home. The main issue with the Northern Fringe is traffic congestion. This can be solved by having Lowestoft trains stop at Westerfield as well as the Felixstowe trains coupled with the obvious solution of a Northern Bypass.

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4 Responses to Judy Terry’s latest Flyer column

  1. IS/BR says:

    Labour scrapped the 2nd home discount for council tax. As have all the Tory authorities surrounding them. Maybe if you went to Waterfront Residents Association, or spoke to your Holywells councillors, you’d realise how ridiculous your comments about the waterfront are.

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  3. Kevin Algar says:

    The word ‘perhaps’ at the start of the now infamous paragraph is indicative of it not being a proposal. Therefore if it is a suggestion at all, it is a suggestion without commitment and is certainly not a proposal as Cllr Ellesmere claimed.

  4. Suffolk Coastal resident says:

    I must correct Mrs Terry’s statement about the public meeting at Northgate. It was not the Labour administration who initially refused our request at the ” Community Steering Panel” for the North Fringe but the IBC Officer. SOCS and NFPG however persisted and took the request to the Central Forum where common sense prevailed. It was the public who requested this meeting and the public who secured it!
    On the matter of a referendum, Steven Wells suggested this way back when Cons/Lib administration ruled. He was overruled by his own group Judy Terry amongst them.

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