Report on the North East Area Committee meeting

Yesterday I attended the North East Area Committee to see if it is run any different to the South West Area Committee and to see what kind of chairman Alasdair Ross was. The first thing that was noticeable was the fact that the North East Area Committee is run much better than the South West Area Committee and Alasdair Ross is a far better chairperson than Peter Gardiner is. This was before the meeting turned interesting due to what Ipswich Labour had viciously arranged.

Conservative Councillor Richard Pope was absent due to work commitments and Labour Councillor Tracy Grant was absent possibly due to knowing what was planned and not wanting to answer any questions also because of work.

The first item on the agenda of interest was the junction of Woodbridge Road East and Playford Road. Apparently a roundabout would cost £250,000. There was some talk of a mini roundabout. What wasn’t mentioned is the fact that a Northern Bypass would cut the traffic on the Woodbridge Road through Rushmere considerably.

Next was written questions and questions from the public. This is when what Labour had viciously arranged became apparent. Ipswich Labour had leafleted Humber Doucy Lane and Inverness Road and invited people to the meeting to give their views to the best Councillor in Rushmere Ward, Conservative, Judy Terry. The written questions were about the future of the prefabs and a number of questions from the public were also about prefabs, just as Ipswich Labour had maliciously planned. The one question that needed to be answered was “Where’s Tracy Grant?” After all, she suggested demolishing them first. Councillor Terry mentioned this and Ross called for a point of order because Councillor Grant was conveniently not there to defend herself.

Judy Terry stated that she had called for a debate and that she had been completely misrepresented. Councillor Terry then proceeded to mention some of the issues concerning the prefabs. Access being a major one. Councillor Terry ended by saying that she would like to know when they’ll be any investment.

Also, at the meeting Alasdair Ross congratulated Judy Terry on her no cold calling zones instead of claiming responsibility for them like he does on his blog. Councillor Terry announced that she has more planned.

South East SNT priorities are ASB on the Scottish Estate and on Rushmere Heath.

Lastly, was an update on the North East Area Committee Action plan. Has the South West got an Action Plan?

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