The Media’s Portrayal of Ipswich

I no longer watch BBC News, because I’d rather know what is actually happening. On seeing the Sky News portrayal of Ipswich, I wrote an angry tweet on twitter. Now according to the Ipswich Blogesphere and the Morning Ipswich Star, the BBC’s coverage was even worse. Gavin Maclure reports on it here and the Morning Ipswich Star has an article about it here.

Some people may not realise but the BBC portraying Ipswich as a run down dump is very common. For instance, BBC Look Norwich, always do outside interviews near the Saint Matthews Roundabout so they can have the roundabout, the half fallen down row of shops and the ugly building of the former Queens Head Pub in the background, while Look Norwich always do outside interviews in Mustard City with the Forum building behind them.

During the time of the murders the national media were constantly talking about Ipswich as if it was an absolute hell hole. For instance, I was informed that a Guardian writer who claims to live in a picturesque village near Copdock, said this

Unloved Ipswich with its urban deprivation had its heart bombed out during the war and never recovered.

Well, for somewhere that had its heart bombed out during the war, there does seem to be a lot of Tudor buildings in the town centre doesn‘t there? Though what would you expect from the Guardian?

A documentary about the murders described Ipswich as a typical English market town while having the camera pointed at these

How many English Market towns do you know that have docks?

I think that it’s great that the Morning Ipswich Star are attempting to promote the town’s heritage. Ipswich isn’t just any port, it’s the fourth oldest port in the country. It’s been a port since the 7th century. Due to its port, Ipswich has played a key role in the prosperity of the nation.

A really positive note that can be taken from the latest bad media portrayal of Ipswich is the fact that Ipswich people are incensed by it. People were not incensed like this by the media’s portrayal of the town during the murders but now Ipswich people obviously have more pride in their town.

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