A Victory for Residents of Gipping Ward

When I stood in Gipping Ward last year I said that Gipping Ward needs a strong local voice. it was in my election leaflet and posted here. I stated that as

Gipping Ward is Labour party’s safest Ward, it gets a bad deal and is used to put the local Labour party’s careerists in. Hence when the issues such as grass verge maintenance and repair and road maintenance have been brought up, it has been other parts of Ipswich that have benefited to the point where grass verges in the Gipping Ward part of Chantry are in a lot worse a state than those in the parts of Chantry in Sprites and Stoke Park Wards. Grass verges are just one example of how Gipping Ward is being taken for granted by Labour.

As I have continued to be active in the ward calling for a local voice, Ipswich Labour have decided to put up a resident of Gipping for Chantry in the county council elections. Due to the constant campaigning for local representation for Gipping at council level by this blog, Ipswich Labour have decided to put up a local resident rather than one of their careerists.

So, as well as successfully campaigning for alley gates to be installed in the London Road Area, supporting Ben Gummer MP’s successful campaign to have Suffolk New Academy (then called Chantry High School) rebuilt, campaigning against the proposed Thorington Barns Wind Turbine Development and regularly attending Area Committees where I have brought up issues regarding pot holes and damaged grass verges with some results, I have also persuaded Ipswich Labour to actually do something for the community themselves.

The views expressed on this my wordpress blog are made in a personal capacity and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of Suffolk County Council, Ipswich Conservatives, the Conservative Party or come to think of it anyone else.
But having said the above at an election time and to stay legal this blog is promoted by Peter Burgoyne on behalf of Kevin Algar and Nadia Cenci all Unit 4 Byford Road, Sudbury, CO10 2YG. Hosted (printed) by wordpress.com

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