Suffolk’s Libraries are Safe

There’s been a couple of misleading posts about libraries within the local blogesphere recently.

On the Rosehill Readers Blog here the PFJ claim that the IPS charged for a World Book Night event at Ipswich Central Library. This is 100% false. The event was organised by the Friends of Ipswich Central Library. There was a small charge for tea, coffee and biscuits. There was a small profit which the IPS have received none of. It shall be used to fund future events etc.

Also, the Ipswich Spy blog here, claims that there is concerns over the future of libraries after demand for £130,000.

I quote

The Chairman of a Library “Friends” group has raised serious concerns about the future direction of the library service as Suffolk Libraries IPS seek to raise £130,000 from community groups in this financial year…..

…In a letter to the Ipswich Star, Mr Jones says “We are extremely concerned over the future of our library, and the fate of other libraries, and we are extremely uncomfortable with the unwelcome responsibility and task being forced upon us.”

As libraries have managed to raise the revenue by savings there is no threat to the library service.

There does appear to have been a misunderstanding between some members of the IPS and the friends groups. Friends groups do not exist to raise money for the IPS.

“The average contribution is £3000 p.a. However there was no explanation at how figures have been arrived at, so as an example Westbourne Library must find £3,250 and County Library Ipswich £9,750.

There seems to be this idea that if libraries like Westbourne do not make savings of £3,250 or somehow raise the money, they will close. If the IPS closed a single library, they would be in breach of contract and the county could take legal action against them. Therefore the idea that libraries are in danger of closure is unfounded.

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