11 days since the election and already a UKIP councillor might have to go.

From here.

Eric Kitson was recently elected as a UKIP County Councillor for Stourport, Worcestershire . Stand for Peace can reveal Kitson’s anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim sentiment as well as his support for far-right extremism. Kitson has posted comments expressing that:

– Hitler was part of the ‘Rothshild conspiracy’, a group of Jewish bankers who supposedly run the world

– Muslims in Britain are part of the Rothschild Conspiracy

– Muslim women should be hanged

– Islam is a cancer that should be exterminated with nuclear weapons.

– Pictures of Muslims being spit roasted with the Quran as fuel.

– Support for the far-right EDL

– Support for unity between Nigel Farage and BNP leader Nick Griffin

There’s also a piece about him on Loonwatch here.

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