A most Damnable Religion

There is a most damnable religion in this country. It’s adherents live in a state of fractal wrongness. All logic is discarded and seen as heresy by it’s adherents, due to their fanatical devotion and worship. It’s most fanatical followers believe that all non-adherents should be eradicated. Far from being a religion of love and peace, it is a religion of death. I am of course, talking about the cultic religion of NHS worship. A religion that has killed infinitely more people in this country than Islamic Fundamentalism ever has.

Those who do not follow the religion can be excommunicated by whole communities. Hence Julie Bailey, after exposing the neglect at Mid Staffs Hospital has be driven out of her home town of Stafford by some of the vile religion’s adherents.

Their religiously motivated acts of terror against Julie Bailey, included poison pen letters, foul-mouthed phone calls, slashed tyres, excrement through the letterbox, a boycott of her cafe and attacks on her mother’s grave.

The adherents of this vile religion will not accept the truth. If you show a creationist the fossil record, they’ll say it’s all lies and if you show a follower of the NHS Cult evidence of patients left screaming in agony, patients being denied water and the wilful mistreatment of patients, they’ll say it’s all lies. Such is the fundamentalist nature of the foul religion of NHS worship.

As far as they are concerned, she committed an act of absolute blasphemy by taking on the sacred, most holy NHS and of course, the blesséd public sector worshipping Labour Party, who cannot face the truth about what was happening when they, the self proclaimed, priestly guardians of the sacred, most holy NHS were in government.

The NHS cult is a religion that has constantly babbling prophets constantly exhorting adherents to defend the most, precious, most, holy and pure National Health Service. When logic proves these prophets to be false prophets by the events they prophesy not occurring, they prophecy completely illogical reasons for their prophecies not coming to pass. An example of this was the 38 Degrees prophesy about a secret Conservative policy to limit GP appointments. Jeremy Hunt tweeted

Now the prophets at 38 Degrees are claiming it’s not going to happen because of their petition.

While writing this post I’ve received an Email from another of the cults prophets. One of the self proclaimed, priestly guardians of the sacred, most holy NHS in fact. Labour’s Andy Burnham. He claims that the NHS is in crisis because of David
Cameron. Andy Burnham uses the usual scare tactics deployed by Labour against the electorate. He ends with

only Labour has plans to protect and strengthen our NHS for the future.

It’s amazing that after the Mid Staffs revelations they actually have the nerve to come out with such rubbish. Under Labour we got 400 needless deaths in one hospital alone. But then Labour have a self-righteousness by ideological leaning and self-justification by hypocrisy.

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