South West Area Committee Report

On Tuesday evening I attended the South West Area Committee. I don’t think the labour councillors were worried about losing the chair of it. The only good councillor in South west Ipswich, Nadia Cenci wasn’t present and neither was Dame Bryony.

Because Conservative councillor, Nadia Cenci wasn’t there, the Labour councillors present used the opportunity to make it appear that they are competent and actually care about the community. The way they did this, was by them all asking an unusually high number of questions to the South West SNT. It was a very clever move on their part which they had obviously planned at a secret meeting before the actual meeting.

Apparently 800 members of the public have been caught speeding but not prosecuted.

After members of the public had been subjected to the piece of brilliant Labour propaganda, it was the public’s turn to ask questions.

I had a question about certain issues in the London Road area that toffee nosed Labour councillor for the ward, Jeanette Macartney cruelly laughed at in a very derisory manner, demonstrating that Ipswich Labour are really just a bunch of uncaring, patronising snobs.

There were also questions about the Double D’s and issues of anti-social behaviour.

After this, the meeting turned into a real paint dry watching experience.

Item 7 was Summer & Half Term Activities

The Gipping Ward councillors discussed at length the fact that the basketball court in Chantry is quite a way from the Triangle Estate. There was no mention of the single basket located at London Road recreation ground and the borough councillors seemed a lot more keen on using the Suffolk County Council maintained Kelly Road recreation ground instead. Roger Fern called for the activities to be publicised by schools before the end of June.

Item 8 was the sedative of a subject Litter Bin and Dog Bin Provision

Item 9 was Traffic Regulation Order No 28 – South West Area Objections

There was a proposal to have a yellow line along part of Hadleigh Road into Dickens Road. There was an objection by a resident of Dickens Road concerning residents ability to park. But David Ellesmere said that he supported the proposal because residents could park on the other side of the road. Where residents of the other side of the road would park, as well, he didn’t say. The ridiculous proposal was voted for unanimously.

There was also a proposal to put a yellow line along Campion Road on the long bend. Jeanette Macartney asked if any buses went along there. Such is her lack of knowledge of her ward. Ellesmere said that he did not support it. The Labour sheep all voted unanimously against the proposal.

Next on the agenda was further sedation by the subject of South West Stroll and Teddy Bears Picnic It was unanimously supported.

Item 11 was Triangle Youth Club – Verbal Update. It’s ongoing apparently even though at the previous Area Committee It was decided that the decision on the funding should be deferred until the committee has established what other funding is needed in the triangle area. So a project in Bridge Ward got £20 thousand and a project in the forgotten ward of Gipping asked for a measly £6.5 thousand and the decision was deferred and the matter is ongoing.

Next was questions from members of the public. There were no questions from members of the public, probably due to the public all being totally anaesthetised by the boredom by this point.

I can’t recall what happened after that. As a matter of fact, I might have fallen asleep.

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