IS/BR’s Political Schizophrenia

Concerning the May Day, beer and sandwiches, Tory bashing event in Alexandra Park, here IS/BR said

I would tend to agree, for possibly the first time, with Tory Kevin Algar, when he says “It’s a shame that a day that was originally set aside for workers to celebrate their achievements has been hijacked by the left and turned into a festival celebrating the evil system that is socialism.”

Yet today here, he says

Mr Maclure suggests that the day is an “Tory-bashing rally” and an “Anti-Conservative Party event” but actually it is about celebrating the working man.

So does Mr Redsell believe that it’s a Tory bashing celebration of the evil system of socialism or does he believe it’s about celebrating the working man?

Of course the latest post is merely attacking the Tories for not raising the rent when they were in control and Mr Redsell asks why. Well I can answer that question. The last administration didn’t raise the rent because neither James Spencer or myself were part of it due to the fact that neither of us have ever been elected. If we had have been part of the administration, we would’ve banged on about it.

UPDATE: Here’s James Spencer’s take on the Spy post here.

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One Response to IS/BR’s Political Schizophrenia

  1. bridgewardnews says:

    To be honest, as Gavin points out, he was a Councillor and did not know about the rent paid until after he left when the Freedom of Information requests started to be answered. There’s a lot more of this back scratching throughout Ipswich Council.

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