In Defence of Jimas

As I reported here, at the Hope not Hate meeting, Manwar Ali of Jimas made a statement regarding Jimas marching with the EDL on Saturday.

Jimas’ intention was not to support the EDL and they did it for three reasons.
1, To show condolences and respect for Drummer Lee Rigby.
2, To show solidarity with the British people and the armed forces.
3, Challenge all extremists.

He also said

“We are all British and we are Muslims”


“It might have been a great mistake.”

I personally think that the motive was right but the action was wrong.

What I am defending Jimas against is local Bolshevik Blogger, Andrew Coates. Here, he claims that local Muslims are outraged. Comrade Coates quotes from 5 Pillarz and it doesn’t take long to work out that some at 5Pillarz are the kind of islamist nutters Andrew claims that Jimas are.

Medical student, Mohammed Nazrul said: “How could JIMAS walk in unity with the EDL, when the same EDL calls for Muslims to be violently attacked, demand us to be deported and mock the principles of our religion?”

Now that is a reasonable question but then comes the statement by Local businessman Joinal Miah.

What happened in Woolwich was wrong and not from Islam. But to march with the EDL who have nothing but pure hatred for Islam is going a step too far.

That sounds fair but then he turns a bit fundie.

“Condemning the Woolwich murder is one thing, but ignoring foreign policy and then referring to British troops as ‘our troops’ is another.

That is an absolutely absurd statement. It comes from the same Islamist thinking that claims you either have to be Muslim or British. A line of thought that is as ridiculous as the idea that you have to be Christian or British. Does he think that Lebanese Christians shouldn’t call the Lebanese Army ‘their troops’?

He continues

“I would question Manwar Ali if such statements are even allowed in Islam, considering the same British soldiers are responsible for the plight of the Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq. Who exactly is he trying to please?”

So what has Joinal Miah got to say about troops who are Muslims from Arab countries who killed Muslims while liberating Kuwait? Such logic is what gives people the false idea that Islam is backward.

Andrew Coates is really scraping the barrel to use such an attitude to support his position.

Although most of the comments have the same tone as the article, there are a couple of good ones.

Seems to me, they’re being a lot more positively proactive than so many others. The ‘hive’ mentality of so many Muslims, makes me despair sometimes. And no, I’m not talking about the Muslims featured in the article. The reactions of some, just show how small and narrowminded their thinking is.

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