Stop Ipswich Labour Axing Route 16 Bus Service

Local residents have contacted Conservative Councillor, Nadia Cenci about Labour’s sudden axing of the popular route 16 bus service.

The number 16 was temporarily suspended earlier this year due to road works. This meant many pensioners and families were cut off from their regular day to day social activities. They fear that if this becomes a permanent situation they will become even more isolated and the town centre will suffer as a result.

Councillor Cenci and Ben Gummer MP are, therefore, strongly urging Ipswich Borough Council, who control the bus company, to reconsider this decision

Nadia and other local Conservatives have been getting a petition raised to show the strength of feeling on this issue. Also,, Nadia will be asking Labour Councillor Phil Smart,at the Full Council meeting on the 26th of June, why he and other Ipswich Bus board members took this decision.

Nadia has more on it here.

She says

Labour councillors are now upset that I have sent out a leaflet to the residents on the relevant route in Stoke Park, because they say they are sorting it out. however I would like to point some things out to them.

1) the petition is for IB to keep the route, no other solution will do
2) to ensure that IBC consider funding the route for IB, NOT a private company
3) It is my duty, especially as I am the only Tory councillor in the SW Ipswich, to hold the Labour group/the administration to account and that is what I am doing.

The residents are queueing up at my door, telephone and my e-mail. Most of them have checked for themselves with IB and have been advised that the cessation is going ahead.

If you use this bus and have not had the petition leaflet through your door then please feel free to contact Councillor Nadia Cenci directly or send me an Email.

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