The Depths of Labour’s Hypocrisy

Labour’s hypocrisy is absolutely astounding. In a leaflet to residents of Stoke Park Ward and at the Full Council meeting on Wednesday, Ipswich Labour accused Conservative Councillor Nadia Cenci of scaring residents for political gain. Now as Councillor Cenci pointed out, residents contacted her because they were already scared. But for Labour to sanctimoniously make such a claim is gutter level hypocrisy.

Nationally, Labour fought the 2010 election by scaring people with lies. If what Labour was saying to people was true then, then now there would not be a single Sure Start Centre open in the country when in fact more Sure Start Centres have opened. They also scared vulnerable pensioners claiming that the Conservatives planned to scrap the Winter Fuel allowance. The whole General Election Campaign of 2010 by Labour was designed to scare people into voting Labour.

Also nationally, more recently Labour claimed that thousands would be made homeless because of the spare room subsidy. This was said to scare vulnerable people for political gain. Also, it was Labour who applied the so called Bedroom Tax to private tenants years ago. Such is their hypocrisy.

Labour have also told elderly people with spare rooms their families use when visiting in houses they own that they will have to pay the tax for having the spare rooms. They purposefully have lied to people to scare them into voting Labour. They even did this in Ipswich’s Stoke Park Ward recently where they are accusing the Conservatives of scaring people for political gain. Such are the depths of Ipswich Labour’s hypocrisy.

But Ipswich Labour are more hypocritical than that. They fight every election by scaring people. In 2011 they scared people with lies about pending library closures. No libraries were scheduled for closure and none have closed, but Ipswich Labour purposely lied to the Ipswich electorate scaring them about non-existent planned closures for political gain.

During this years County Council elections, Ipswich Labour sunk to even lower levels. They put it across that Care Homes were closing so that elderly people including elderly people with dementia, were going to end up not getting the care required. This was designed to scare the families of elderly people as well as the elderly themselves. It was purely for political gain.

After Labour’s record of scaring people merely for political gain, they make the claim that Conservatives have done it and Ipswich Labour have the audacity to sanctimoniously say how terrible it is. The Conservatives have never done such a thing. Labour have and they’re right to say how terrible it is. Though if Labour believed that, they’d apologise for resorting to such dirty tactics. But then Labour are too self righteous to care.

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