UKIP Continue to help the Tories

People claim that UKIP damage the Tories but it’s just not true. On the contrary, UKIP is a nice place for our right wing nutters along with sleaze merchants like Neil Hamilton to go.

From here.

Den Dover is a former Tory MEP who was forced to pay back hundreds of thousands of pounds in expenses. Mr Dover’s expulsion was personally ordered by David Cameron and his offences were originally reported by a jubilant UKIP.…… ‘Densmore Dover’ appeared on the UKIP South East speaking list and took part in the South East UKIP MEP hustings.

Tim Scott @timscottukip

At the UKIP South East MEP hustings today: @JaniceUKIP, @waddesdonbaz, Nigel Jones, Den Dover and of course Nigel F are all looking good.
4:20 PM – 27 Jul 2013

It’s amazing. They like to point out that former members of the EDL, BNP and NF can’t join but then if you’re a fraudster, bribe taker or similar sleaze merchant, welcome to UKIP.

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