Ipswich Labour Leaflets: Are they running out of ideas?

It appears that Ipswich Labour are fast running out of ideas for things to put in their leaflets. In many editions of the Rose across the Borough, due to the fact that their councillors do so little work in their wards, they’ve started talking about national issues rather than local ones. The back of the latest batch of Ipswich Labour junk mail is dominated by a piece about the NHS. Also with some of them they have resorted to printing the Cleaner Ipswich Hotline and the county council number for streetlights to fill the gaps created by them not doing any work in the are the leaflet is being delivered.

Another thing that shows that Ipswich Labour are running out of ideas is the leaflet they have been delivering in Holywells Ward which I have been informed that John Cook was delivering in the Alan Road Area last night. Ipswich Labour have copied the Ipswich Conservatives leaflet. The only thing they really bothered to change was it’s colour. Another way Ipswich Labour made it different was by removing two of the three questions and not replacing them with different questions, possibly because they couldn’t actually think of any questions to ask themselves.

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