Musings on Labour’s Masters Bi Monthly Magazine.

Labour’s Puppet masters members bi monthly comic has been dropping on door mats over the last few days and it just so happens that one has dropped on the door mat of the author of the best political blog in Ipswich. He has been thoroughly enjoying the read.

The first article is an attack by Labour party leader and Ed Milliband’s Puppet master, Len McCluskey on George Osborne. It’s a very rhetorical piece full of left wing, Tory bashing clichés and reading it, you can tell the author has control over the content of Ed Milliband’s speeches.

The next article talks about our most holy and glorious NHS. It speaks against PFI’s but mysteriously doesn’t mention which party it was who started them.

The magazine then has some articles about protesting then it has the ‘News Top Stories’ which starts with a benediction for our most divine and precious NHS. It mentions protests and speaks against the policies of their puppets which the current government are continuing. This section also has a bit about their members saying yes to a political fund to spend on attacking the Tories rather than spend standing up for working people as Unions were originally formed to do. Then there’s a bit about elf n safety. Then there are various attacks on private employers. There seems to be particular guile against financial sector companies. This is no doubt driven by UNITE’s nasty politics of envy.

After this, surprisingly there is an article about a case where they are actually doing what trade unions were set up to do. It’s about the fight against black lists. But unfortunately instead of it being about their fight against the practice, half the article is about what the practice is and the other half of it is actually a promotion of their puppets.

There is then an article saying that instead of selling the governments shares in RBS and Lloyds, RBS and Lloyds should be paralysed nationalised. Yes, the people who control the Labour Party want total control of your money so that they can use their puppets to spend it on their pointless pet projects.

This is then followed by an article against the privatisation of the Royal Mail. Privatisation will be good for Royal Mail and to see why go here.

This is followed by an attack on supermarkets. Parts of which, I agree with.

It then has a few boring articles saying how marvellous they are.

Then there is an article which is most enjoyable. It starts,

Ever thought about becoming a MP? If you’re from a working class background and want to stand for Labour, you’ll have a fight on your hands.

Well we knew Labour didn’t give a stuff about the working class anyway didn’t we? The article then claims that they were controlling their puppets in Falkirk to get a working class candidate.

After this there is a book review then an article having a dig at the City of London and some letters. One calling for policies that would lead to national bankruptcy , one in support of the EUSSR and against UKIP and another one about sweatshops in Bangladesh.

Then it finishes with another enjoyable article. Len McCluskey gives his reasons why he should remain in control of Ed Milliband and why UNITE should rule over the Labour Party. Len says he wants to ‘give our democracy back to normal working people like you and me.” He calls himself a normal working person on his salary? Also within it he hilariously refers to the ‘right wing media’ Right wing media? Near the end he warns Ed Milliband to step back from the brink. Will Ed try and cut the strings that Len controls him by, or will he submit to his masters who own him hook, line and block vote?

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2 Responses to Musings on Labour’s Masters Bi Monthly Magazine.

  1. Think about it says:

    “The next article talks about our most holy and glorious NHS. It speaks against PFI’s but mysteriously doesn’t mention which party it was who started them.”

    That would be the Conservative Party – it was first used in 1992.

  2. Blue Ed says:

    And then used exponentially under Blair by pushing 100s of billions pounds of debt into the future. I have a cousin who works/worked in the Garratt Anderson block, and I remember her telling me that after 10 years the bank which part funded it can then charge the local NHS whatever they want when the financial restrictions would be lifted.

    On a separate point completely, it is bizarre Unite has such contempt for the financial sector considering that it was until very recently the largest private sector part of the membership base, no wonder it has reduced when it paints a picture that all financial sector workers are greedy & evil.

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