Judy Terry Blasts Ipswich Labour

The front cover of today’s Ipswich Star is brilliant. It has the title of NO VISION. The whole article can be read here.

Here’s the best bits.

Mrs Terry said councillors who should be coming up with a way for the town to develop knew nothing about running a business – or of the needs of the business community.

She said: “There is a lack of vision, a lack of impetus for the development of the town. We need some imagination to be coming out of the borough – and we’re just not getting that.”

Mrs Terry felt the council’s planning officials were not at fault – their numbers had been cut back to such an extent that they did not have a chance to look at the strategic issues.

However senior councillors should have worked much harder to find staff who could look at developing the town.

“There is a great deal that needs to be done. The council has to take a leading role in identifying and promoting schemes.

“I always say there should be three projects on the go at any one time – that gives you the opportunity to concentrate on them and ensure they get completed.

“If there are too many prospective developments, nothing will ever get done!”

She felt that finding a use for the Grafton Way site that had been due to be a Tesco supermarket remained a priority, as is developing The Link site in Lower Brook Street.

There should be encouragement for other landowners to demolish derelict buildings and leave spaces open for public access until it was possible to develop them.

“Look at the old Burton’s site on the Waterfront. The borough should look at moving in, either negotiating with owners or getting compulsory purchase and demolishing those redundant buildings and having some open space there – which could be used by Dance East on occasions.”

Mrs Terry’s criticisms have come from a political opponent of the current administration at the borough, but some businesses in Ipswich have expressed similar concern about a lack of vision for the town.

The need for a clear strategy for the town centre was an issue raised in our survey of town centre companies earlier this month.

Absolutely right!

David Ellesmere’s response? He blames the Tories of course! He predictably blames the Westminster government and outrageously blames the last Borough administration.

He said:

“We are playing an active role in the redevelopment of the Cornhill and we are working to try to make the town centre more attractive

So David Ellesmere said that the council are redeveloping the Cornhill. I find this rather strange considering the last time I was there it looked the same as it did last year. I couldn’t see any work going on. When researching the claim, all I can find is a claim that it will be re-developed in the future, but no start date.

Mr Ellesmere also says

But there was a limit to what the borough could do

Well that would probably be due to the lack of vision. Because of this, Ipswich Labour aren’t doing anything.

Labour are doing so little that today in his Star Column, David Ellesmere resorted to claiming responsibility for things done by Ben Gummer MP. Ben Gummer is the one who got the flood barrior built.

Even more outrageously Ellesmere has the audacity to claim the Fore Street Post office was saved by Chris Mole.

Excuse me?

Fore Street Post Office is still open due to a hard fought, successful campaign by Ben Gummer MP when he was the parliamentary candidate.

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4 Responses to Judy Terry Blasts Ipswich Labour

  1. Ken Bates says:

    I would say, “Sycophantic or what?”, but Cllr Terry knows she’s going to lose her seat, I have to agree with Cllr Cenci to a point. Thing is mate, your desire for recognition has cast you further into the wild.

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