History Lesson for Rosehill Readers

I’ve just been reading the latest post by Rosehill Readers here and I don’t know if I should be countering it with the facts or just laughing at it.

Conservative County Councillor for Bixley Alan Murray has given £500 towards the ‘Community contribution’ for Rosehill library from his Locality Budget and the People’s Front of Judea seem to be very upset about it.

You can imagine their next meeting. “Yes but apart from increasing investment in libraries, building innovative partnerships with community groups, charities and businesses that will drive up standards and increase user-ship, ensuring that all 44 of Suffolk’s libraries are secure and thriving and a County Councillor giving our library £500, what have the Romans done for us?”

If the Tories stop funding or give funding it makes no difference. They will still be mad at them for doing it.

Now I shall give them a History lesson because their version of events is completely and utterly wrong.

They claim that Suffolk County Council created the IPS which created and encouraged the formation of Friends Groups. This is not the case. Westbourne Library formed a Friends Group before any suggestion of an IPS being formed was made.

They claim that Friends Groups were created to raise funds that Suffolk County Council won’t provide. This isn’t true. The purpose of Friends Groups is to provide extra value to the library. This is usually done by supporting events held by the library and holding events of their own within the library. Friends Groups can ask County Councillors for money and the libraries themselves also can. Friends Groups and individual libraries in Ipswich can also ask the borough’s area Committee’s for funding. If the libraries were part of Suffolk Country Council, Borough Area Committees could not be approached meaning that divestment has created another source of funding.

Each county councillor has a locality budget. They do not need to apply for it.

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