Labour for Independance.

I’ve recently discovered a group who calls themselves Labour for Independence. When I first heard of them I thought that they might be a group of Labour Party Members who wanted their party to be free from the control of the Unions but I found out that they were a group of people claiming to be members of the Labour Party wanting Scottish independence. Further research revealed that they are in fact a group of SNP members pretending to be members of the Labour Party who want Scottish independence.

From here.

ONE of the more interesting – and surprising developments – in the referendum campaign has been the emergence of a group called Labour for Independence.

This organisation claims to be “campaigning within the Labour Party and throughout Scotland, making the case for the benefits that independence will bring”.

The page then reveals more about the group with this very interesting set of photo’s (Follow the Arrows. )

The bloke on the the far right at that Labour for Independence stall is Councillor Douglas Reid, the SNP leader of East Ayrshire Council.

The Facebook Group Vote NO to Scottish independence and protect the union has also published this photo.


Len McCluskey needs to order his Labour puppets to deal with this sham organisation and protect the union. The union being UNITE of course.

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