Sporting Banter?

Last night at the South East Area committee, County Councillor Newman said that Ipswich is Suffolk’s County Town and we should be proud of it. I totally agree with him on that. Suffolk should be proud of Ipswich. But more to the point Ipswich should be proud of its county-township. But that is the subject for another post.

Councillor Newman said that we need to encourage shopping in Ipswich and we need our football team in the Premiership.

Yes, we need our football team in the Premiership. We need Ipswich in the Premiership because that’s where they belong. Also, there is the economic benefits of having a Premier League football team. A return to the Premiership would give the town a boost and lead to more fans both home and away visiting the town and spending money in it.

Though the Famous Ipswich Town can be a key to economic growth there is absolutely no mention of the Real Pride of East Anglia in what Ipswich Labour call the economic strategy for Ipswich. Even worse, one of the councillors who represents Ipswich Town Centre disgracefully spends Saturdays up the road in Mustard City, watching that team who play in green and yellow at Carrot Road. We have a member of the borough administration who instead of helping our economy by being at Portman Road supporting the only team in East Anglia that has ever won anything, goes to Carrot Road helping that city North of Scole economically. A City so unimportant, it’s the only city in Britain that hasn’t got a motorway leading to it. (Ely doesn’t count.)

Another sport that has put our town on the map is speedway. Where as our football team should be in the Premier League our speedway team shouldn’t be. Our Speedway team should be in the Elite League. It was brilliant when the Conservatives and Lib Dems had the Borough and not only were Ipswich Town doing well, but the Witches were winning literally everything. Now while Labour are in power the Ipswich Witches aren’t even in the Elite League any more. Also, much to the horror of any Witches fan who knows, this administration has the local council newspaper, the Ipswich Angle, printed in Kings Lynn of all places. Disgusting!

Then we have the former Olympic Swimmer, Karen Pickering MBE who was snubbed by the organisers from carrying the Olympic Torch through her home town.

Of course, my favourite sport is cricket. I have to say that I don’t think Ipswich Labour play cricket in any of its meanings.

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