Modern Slavery happening in Ipswich

From the Daily Mail here.

With manicures costing as little as £10 — and taking no more than half an hour — they offer the perfect affordable pick-me-up.

However, behind the bright lights and spotless surfaces of the salons, there is an altogether darker story.

Experts believe many staff — very often Vietnamese — are smuggled into Britain illegally by organised gangs of human traffickers. They are made to work as virtual slaves during the day and then, sometimes, as prostitutes or drug farmers by night.

In Suffolk, it has been reported that police are searching every salon in the county twice a year in the hunt for illegal workers after finding a 17-year-old manicurist being groomed for prostitution in a pornography-filled bedroom in Ipswich.

There you have it. Human Trafficking and Slavery in Ipswich.

Also from the Daily Mail article

Meanwhile, the Conservative MP Peter Bone, who chaired the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Human Trafficking, has described the forced labour of illegal immigrants as an ‘enormous and . . . a totally hidden’ problem.

It is enormous but it won’t be hidden if I have anything to do with it.

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