Labour are Traitors to Britain and Humanity.

Thatcher DriveThose of us who are old enough have known that Labour are traitors to Great Britain since 1982 when Labour under their second greatest leader ever, contrary to public opinion, supported the betrayal of British citizens in the South Atlantic, wanting to allow the Argentinians to keep the Falklands.

Labour continued its treachery against British citizens over seas when Tony Blair tried to give Gibraltar to Spain to curry favour with the EUSSR. Story here

Basra_2238963bThen ten years ago all who are now old enough to vote found out that Labour are traitors to Great Britain by Labour taking us into an illegal invasion of Iraq. By doing that, Labour wrecked this country’s reputation for at least a generation. Such is Labour’s hatred of this country that they sided with, probably the most ideologically crazy US president ever, Cowboy George, to rub our name in the mud around the world. If it wasn’t for the illegal war in Iraq, we would no longer be in Afghanistan. Instead of hitting the Taliban and Al Qaeda hard, the Lone Ranger and Tonto placed more resources into their bloodthirsty adventure in Iraq.

SYRIA-CONFLICTNow Labour have shown us that they are not only traitors to Great Britain,they are traitors to humanity as well. Labour and their publicly funded media department, the BBC, have decided to make it sound like the government was proposing another bloodthirsty adventure like their traitorous, illegal invasion of Iraq. This was designed to swing public opinion against it. (Public opinion was rightfully against their invasion of Iraq, but they did it anyway.) They have put it across that the government was proposing sending in troops. They did this to try and redeem themselves of Iraq but Labour are so rancid, they are irredeemable. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. Unfortunately, there is nothing good about the Labour party. If we have the technology to take out chemical weapons in Syria, then we should take them out. Yes, I am quite aware the cruise missiles, how ever smart their guidance systems are, can still miss their targets. But to remove such evil weapons, it’s worth the risk. But Labour, have decided to play party politics instead of standing up against crimes against humanity.

Not only are Labour traitors to Britain, they are traitors to humanity.

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9 Responses to Labour are Traitors to Britain and Humanity.

  1. Ben Redsell says:

    You still haven’t explained why an attack on Iraq was illegal but one on Syria wouldn’t be.

    You can add to your list of people who decided to play party politics the following Tory MPs who voted against the Government last night:

    1. Mr Richard Bacon
    2. Mr John Baron
    3. Mr Andrew Bingham
    4. Mr Crispin Blunt
    5. Ms Tracey Crouch
    6. Mr David T C Davies
    7. Mr Philip Davies
    8. Rt Hon David Davis
    9. Mr Nick de Bois
    10. Mr Richard Drax
    11. Mr Gordon Henderson
    12. Mr Phillip Hollobone
    13. Mr Adam Holloway
    14. Dr Phillip Lee
    15. Mr Tim Loughton
    16. Mr Jason McCartney
    17. Mr Nigel Mills
    18. Mrs Anne Marie Morris
    19. Mr Andrew Percy
    20. Sir Richard Shepherd
    21. Rt Hon Sir Peter Tapsell
    22. Mr Chris White
    23. Dr Sarah Woollaston

    As well as Tim Yeo and David Ruffley who abstained, as did two Ministers (although they claim it was an accident).

    • Kevin Algar says:

      Yes and those 23 people are as wrong as the Tories who supported Blair’s war in Iraq.

      • Ben Redsell says:

        I don’t understand why you insist that Iraq was illegal but Syria isn’t.

        Iraq was a perfectly acceptable intervention, for a good reason. The policy wasn’t wrong, the strategic objective was sound. Where Iraq went wrong was in the appalling decisions made after the war was won. It was in the complete lack of planning for the occupation.

      • Kevin Algar says:

        Stop trolling Redsell! Iraq wasn’t an intervention, it was an unprovoked attack!

    • bridgewardnews says:

      Hardly playing party politics by voting against your party. (I doubt that any of their careers will benefit from their vote, although naturally I think they did the right thing).

  2. bridgewardnews says:

    “Iraq wasn’t an intervention, it was an unprovoked attack!” I think you mean something here, but I can’t tell what.

    Redsell is of course as wrong about Iraq as you are about Syria. The two main strategic results, the draining civil war and majority Shia Iraq becoming a virtual puppet of Iran, were both widely predicted before the attack and discounted by people like Blair and Bush. A takeover of Syria by Al Qaeda and near genocide carried out against Christians and Alawites are not exactly predictions, they’re happening, but British intervention would have helped them along.

    You did get a fact wrong. Foot spoke out forcefully in favour of intervention in the Falklands, something that Thatcher recognised him for (there were Labour and Conservative MPs who were against intervention).

    • Ben Redsell says:

      I was referring to the particular narrow legal question – if Iraq was illegal, an attack on Syria would be equally illegal without a UN mandate. Yet Kevin insisted that the invasion of Iraq was illegal but that it would be perfectly legal to attack Syria. I am assuming that he isn’t arguing the subsequent occupation of Iraq, under UN mandate, was illegal, merely poorly planned and badly executed.

      On Syria I have a simple line. If you use chemical weapons – whoever you are – you should expect the international community to take action against you. If this doesn’t happen, the next guy will be less hesitant about using them. Possibly against us.

      Don’t forget that Syria has already attacked Turkey, a NATO ally, who could have simply required us under our NATO obligations to defend her.

      I am really worried by this increasingly isolationist movement in the right wing of the Tory Party, that part that is aligned closely with the isolationist UKIP. Britain gains hugely from playing its part on the world stage. I am ashamed that in the face of a bully like Assad we have ducked our responsibilities to the international community.

      • Kevin Algar says:

        So what are you saying Mr Redsell, that an attack on Syria would be illegal but we should do it anyway?

      • Ben Redsell says:

        No Kevin, I was saying that there is an argument that can be made in International Law that the invasion of Iraq was legal, and that it is a stronger argument that the one being argued to allow any attack on Syria.

        You are the one who says an attack on Iraq was illegal – “an illegal war” – not me. The legal basis for an attack on Syria is not as strong as the one made for the invasion of Iraq – which was based on an interpretation of the United Nations Security Council resolution.

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