Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune Interviews Ipswich Tories

The Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune have been to Ipswich interviewing Tories. Fellow Blogger Gavin Maclure and Ipswich Association Chair, Liz Harsant. Gavin has blogged on the interviews here. Basically, Gavin comes out with his usual anti Cameron nonsense, so they gave him more airtime My response to what he said is the paragraph below.

This government under David Cameron has created smaller government by cutting Whitehall bureaucracy, protected our currency by dismantling the apparatus for joining the Euro, supported enterprise to the point that half a million new companies have been created and stood up for the freedom of the individual by scrapping ID cards. It’s a record Margaret Thatcher would have been proud of.

Liz Harsant says that she wishes the right wingers would shut up. No chance of that. They helped Blair win in 1997 and kept us out of government for 13 years, they helped us not get a majority and they still won’t shut up. They are following a myth rather than the traditional pragmatism of the Conservative Party.

Liz Harsant also says that she wouldn’t mind another Con/Lib coalition. I would mind. To have a government that pursues Conservative policies we we would be better served by a Conservative Government.

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