SIT says Don’t be fooled!

S.I.T says

The outstanding plans for a 130metre turbine on Aldous land are still to the great disadvantage of Belstead, Wherstead, Tattingstone, Freston, Bentley etc etc, not to mention towering over the recreational area of footpaths and bridleways we all enjoy, and destroying the birds and the bats…

The landscape will still be degraded dramatically, and it would affect the AONB, the tv reception would still be a problem and possibly mobile reception, and the construction would be a diabolical problem on the Street. We have still not been consulted about the proposed turbine.

This is what David Cobbold, Chairman of Belstead Parish Council, has to say:

Wind Turbine Update
Hot off the press is the news that PfR have announced that in November they will only be applying for only one turbine on the Pannington Hall site the other side of the railway line which will be two fields away from the one originally proposed near our village. Clearly they fear losing the planning argument if they continue with both and hope to improve their chances of getting a foot in the door with one a bit nearer Wherstead. Analysis of stratagems used elsewhere by Turbine companies show that it is common to use a ‘Trojan Horse’ application followed later by applications for more turbines using the first one as a precedent. The same could be true here, if successful there would be no bar to a later application in any of the fields nearby including the site of now discarded ‘Belstead Turbine’. The installation and operation of a single turbine is unlikely to be financially attractive to the investment companies that control two thirds of PfR

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1 Response to SIT says Don’t be fooled!

  1. Ben Redsell says:

    I rather doubt that PfR will come back with an application on IBC land. It seems rather clear that they know their option for the Belstead land won’t be extended by the Labour Group, since the political consequences outweigh the benefits of posing as pro-green. Labour don’t care about you, but they do care about exploiting your vote. Consequently PfR know that if they want more than one turbine, it has to be on non Local Authority land.

    I won’t hold my breath about the likelihood of a planning application for November, either. After all they did suggest they would be applying before the end of 2012. And in early Spring 2013. And in late Spring 2013. And in Summer 2013. Now it is November 2013. Their track record doesn’t inspire confidence on dates…

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