The long Term Unemployed

In a brilliant speech today, George Osbourne announced that the long-term unemployed will have to undertake work placements in return for their benefits.

I perceive that there maybe a number of problems with this. The ‘experience’ can have the opposite effect to what it is intended to do. It doesn’t put work experience on peoples CV’s. If it goes on CV’s it shows that they were so incapable of getting a job that the government had to give them something to do.

It could also lead to the unemployed being exploited. ‘Providers’ could cash in by being paid by the government to have long term unemployed people on their books which they place with various ’employers’ for a small price. This could also save employers money in wage payments and stop jobs being created.

The one thing that really gets me is that unemployed people, get no help until they’ve been unemployed for six months. So the unemployed are left to get on with it until the time when apathy has sunk in and they don’t care. If the help was available from the start, there wouldn’t be as many long term unemployed and the ‘providers’ won’t be able to bully their clients as much. I’m speaking from experience. They tried to get me on a literacy and numeracy course. Look at my spelling, it’s terrible isn’t it?

Labour have got us in this situation on purpose.

To create a Socialist state Labour governments are brilliant at doing things that are irreversible so that they can continue where they left off and continue to erode our freedoms when they get back in again. That is why Labour created the present benefit’s crisis. It was done in such a way that if a Conservative government tried to deal with it, they can accuse us Tories of being heartless bastards as they are doing.

Labour are saying that they plan to force long term unemployed people into minimum wage jobs. How they’re going to create all these minimum wage jobs isn’t in the detail but as it’s Labour, they’ll probably be public sector non-jobs involved. But even if there was private sector involvement (probably those ‘providers’ again), because the long term unemployed will be all in minimum wage jobs, they will have their income topped up by welfare payments. This will mean that they will remain dependent on the state. This makes sense from a socialist point of view, because state dependence is what socialism is all about. Hence the present crisis created by Labour.

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2 Responses to The long Term Unemployed

  1. Ben Redsell says:

    Interesting question Kevin, the minimum wage jobs they’ll force long term unemployed into, are they the same ones they deem unacceptable to those who are working now, because they are below the living wage?

    • Kevin Algar says:

      Good point. But that’s what the Labour person said on the Telly. I guess it’s because they like saying what they think sounds good. For example, the announcement of a fuel price freeze that would be illegal under EU rules.

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