Response to Gavin Maclures latest Blog post

Former Ipswich Conservative Association Chairman, Gavin Maclure has launched another attack on David Cameron.

Here he talks about John Major’s calling for a wind fall tax on the energy companies.

He says

The last Conservative prime minister to win a general election (and to win big, with the greatest number of popular votes ever recorded) has entered into the national debate on the energy market crisis by calling for a windfall tax on the big six firms.

John Major also believed in occupying the centre ground and was accused of not being a proper Tory.

Gavin continues

Sir John ably describes the Conservatives are in favour of the private market (quite right!) but when it goes wrong real Conservatives will not stand-by and see people suffer as a result.

It’s a great pity David Cameron does not think the same, pithy saying in response to Sir John’s speech it was an “interesting contribution” but the government has no plans to impose a tax. Then again, Mr Cameron’s not really a Tory is he?

So we have a Eurosceptic Thatcherite calling the man who signed Maastricht, really a Tory to to say that the man who has made it necessary for there to be a referendum before any treaty that takes away our sovereignty is signed, not really a Tory.

John Major was constantly accused of not really being a Tory like Margaret Thatcher was really a Tory. As the Tory party is a pragmatist party rather than an ideological party, the statement was as ridiculous against Mr Major as it is against Mr Cameron.

Gavin Maclure is a Thatcherite in that he believes the Thatcher myth. The Thatcher myth is that she was faultless. According to the Thatcher myth it is sort of put across that, everybody loved her, there were no riots in 1981, poverty never existed, she took us out of the EU and everybody was delighted with the poll tax.

Obviously I’m not really a Tory like Gavin Maclure is because I went on anti poll tax demonstrations. Just speaking against Her Grace is anathema to Gavin let alone publicly demonstrating against her policies as I did. The fact that I have no remorse would no doubt be further evidence that I’m not really a Tory.

Gavin heard that Thatcher resigned when he got home from school. I heard that Thatcher had resigned when I got home from work. If she hadn’t have resigned she would have been absolutely hammered at the ballot box. The Thatcherite myth would have us believe that she was electorally invincible, but the poll tax was so unpopular, we could have easily ended up with Neil Kinnock in Downing Street.

John Major scrapped the poll tax. The poll tax was a policy of Margaret Thatcher and John Major scrapped it. According to the mythology that Mr Maclure adheres to, how could Mr Major be really a Tory after going against a policy of Mrs Thatcher?

Sir John Major was absolutely detested by Eurosceptics, some of which would rather have Kinnock as prime minister than a moderate Tory. Who would Gavin prefer as Prime Minister? David Cameron or Ed Millicluskey?

Does Gavin think that any windfall tax would not be recuperated by the energy companies through raising bills even further? I thought he knew how corporate capitalism works.

Why are energy prices so high? The problem is, in the 13 years that Labour was in power, they did not even start to build any Nuclear Power Stations. They used their borrowed money on hand-outs to families with children to buy votes.

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3 Responses to Response to Gavin Maclures latest Blog post

  1. James H says:

    I think Mrs T would not have been hammered at the ballot box and I think she would have got rid of the poll tax. With Major being her chancellor I believe he would have forced her to do so as she could have him resign aswell after the Howe/Lawson affairs. I very much dought Kinnock would have ever made his way into Downing Street as if she were to stay on in office and Labour only needed half a brain cell to realise that Kinnock would not be a suitable oponanate to Thatcher would have elected Smith a lot sooner. Though, I believe she could have won the 1992 election there is no way she should have tried as it was simply unrealistic to go in too a fourth election and think you could stay the full term which means you would be PM for 17/18 years. However if she had not made the mistake of the poll tax, which was a mistake it may of been a completely different storey. She was an excellent PM and I have to say better than Sir John, though Major was repectable and had a lot more credibility then his unfortanate successor.

  2. James H says:

    In 1990 it was obvious Margaret Thatcher would not be able to continue. I think it was right that people told her so. We must remember Mrs Thatcher won three elections for the Tories and sustained very workable majority’s of over 100. Kinnock could not have brung that down. Major won one election with a 26 seat majority victory and in the next election the Conservatives were beaten very heavily. I think Thatcher stood just as much chance than Major did, and would have pulled the same results, though Margaret did bring in the poll tax she was leading a Conservative government and it was that Conservative government who won the 92 election

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