Response to Gavin Maclure

Gavin Maclure has written a blog post on David Cameron’s announcement concerning benefits for immigrants coming from the EUSSR. You can read it in full here

I’m just writing this post to respond to the squit he tacked on to the end of it.

And this is where it all falls apart. The problem is, because of his stupid policies on gay marriage, a softly-softly approach to welfare reform which still allows people to take home £26,000 tax free in benefits, and no action on immigration, Dave won’t be in a position to offer an EU referendum, as he will lose the General Election.

Gavin, what planet are you on?

Stupid policies on gay marriage? It was in the Conservative party manifesto. I guess we were all so keen to get rid of the people who destroyed our country we didn’t notice it at the time. Yes £26.000 in benefits a year is far to high but considering people were living in Mayfair courtesy of Labour’s client state, it’s quite an improvement. No action on immigration? This government has cut immigration by a third. It’s just that we’re still reeling from 13 years of Labour. They purposely changed the demographics of this country driven by their hatred of it. If people want to vote UKIP and let Labour back in so they can do it all over again then they will deserve the pain.

Vote Conservative.

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