Ipswich Person of the Year 2013

Who is your person of the year? I’ve been putting some thought into this. There are a number of contenders.

One name I’ve heard being mentioned for the title of person of the year believe it or not is David Ellesmere. He built council houses but put up rent and council tax to pay for them, cut the amount of maintenance on existing council houses, evicted Ransomes Sports club, tried to have buses cut instead of the grass, insulted members of the public and brought the town into disrepute by marching with a bunch of idiots against another bunch of idiots. I don’t think he is worthy of the title.

A possible contender is Andy Cann with his campaigns against Tesco. Though he he was successful in Hadleigh the Emperor was still lost.

Another contender is Conservative Councillor for Stoke Park, Nadia Cenci. She successfully stopped the Thorington Barns turbine being built and stopped Ipswich Labour from cutting bus services to Stoke Park.

Though obviously by getting new heart and stroke units at Ipswich hospital, getting two new schools, £22 million invested in transport, £35 million for Ipswich rail services, new flood defences, lobbying against the tolling of the A14 and much more, Ben Gummer has to be Ipswich person of the year.

But Ben Gummer is paid to do such things. Sombody else has been pointed out to me for the award who isn’t paid to stand up for Ipswich. This person supported Ben Gummers campaign to have schools rebuilt and now they are to be rebuilt, this person was also involved in the successful campaign against the Thorington Barns Turbine. He also confronted the leader of the council at a full council meeting for bringing the borough into disrepute and was called bizarre for standing up for Ipswich. This person also has a very well read blog. On his blog he let’s the world know what kind of people run his home town and he scares some of them to death. He has also stood up for other bloggers who Ipswich Labour have attempted to hinder. This person has also been involved in the campaign for a modern slavery bill and is delighted that it shall be coming in next year. On top of this, he helped give a voice to child slaves in India in the global fight to end child forced labour and lobbied FIFA who have now pledged to keep modern slavery out of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In light of this, I am giving the award of person of the year to Kevin Algar.

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