Ellesmere’s last waffle of the year.

Today is David Ellesmere last piece of waffle for the year. He looks back on 2013 and makes things up. He shares his delusion that he stopped the A14 being tolled when everybody knows it was people like Ben Gummer and Therese Coffey did it. He then says how terrible Royal Mail privatisation is like the fossil from the 1970’s he is. After this he blames the banks for what his party did the last time they were in government.

After this, Mr Ellesmere says how successful Labour’s inflationary living wage policy has been. He then takes credit for the city deal which Ipswich got because of the work of Ben Gummer and the council he leads nearly lost due to being so clueless.

Mr Ellesmere then finishes off talking about the cost of living crisis that was created by the last Labour government. Apparently rEd MllliCluckey is going to tell us what he’s going to do about it in his new year message. It would be nice if he apologised on behalf of his lousy shower of a party for creating it in the first place.

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