Quote of the Day

‘Those arseholes are so fucking rancid that I just hope every morning they wake up and think, ‘‘I’m ashamed of the job I do.’’

‘To say that somehow I got up one morning and thought, ‘‘You know what I’m going to do today, I think I’m going to separate from my husband?’’ Fuck off.

‘There was a toerag who slept in his little white van outside my house for six days… and for five days I was intimidated. And then I was coming out to go to the gym at eight o’clock on a Saturday morning, and there he was with his fucking, you know, penis-like lens, waving out of the window. I banged on the roof of his minivan and I said, ‘‘You fuck off out of here in ten minutes or I’m calling the police.”’

:- Labour London Mayoral hopeful, Dame Tessa Jowell

Story here.

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