Response to Ipswich Spy’s Worst post Ever

After Gavin Maclure’s MilliCluskyite rant against the power companies I was going to award him the title of Ipswich Socialist blogger the year. But then today Ipswich Spy’s Ben Redsell showed his true colours by naming some bloke by the name of Ellesmere, Ipswich politician of the year.

Now Mr Redsell has written quite a bit of squit over the years but undoubtedly today’s offering here, is the worst thing he has ever written.

It starts,

We started the year fearing a triple dip recession, with some Labour councillors so enamoured by the idea that they claimed it had already begun. We finish the year safe in the knowledge that the famed double dip recession never actually happened, with unemployment nose-diving towards 7% nationally, and with a recovery beginning to be felt here in Ipswich.

So how can Ellesmere be thanked for that? He can’t but le article then seems to become a dogs breakfast which makes about as much sense as UKIP’s immigration policy.

It continues

We saw Council Tax rises and Council House rents shoved up above inflation to pay for new council houses, the first of which were handed over in December. Yet the same people who brought you these regressive tax rises were the ones who spouted most about the rising cost of living.

So Ellesmere’s achievements have been rather crap haven’t they? So where is this going? Redsell then says

But most of all we saw Labour’s David Ellesmere win the 2015 General Election.

This is the most, ridiculous, absurd statement Redsell has ever made on his blog. how can he make such a ridiculous claim?

Ipswich has two Tory MPs at the moment. Dr Dan, to the north of the town, knows that he is election proof. All he has to do is keep his constituency association sweet and he has a seat for life. No doubt he is watching Tim Yeo’s problems in South Suffolk with a certain reservation, but otherwise he knows he will be an MP whatever the result of the next election. And as a junior minister, a General Election loss could propel him faster up the greasy pole than a spectacular victory would.

Meanwhile Ben Gummer, covering the rest of the town, has a wafer thin majority. And despite fulfilling just about every promise he has made the electorate, he would lose a General Election held tomorrow by about 8,000 votes, and unless he makes a spectacular recovery he stands to lose the 2015 General Election to Labour’s David Ellesmere.

How Redsell comes to that conclusion, God only knows. He continues.

Mr Gummer may have delivered a new build school in South East Ipswich, opened in November by his boss Michael Gove MP. He may have delivered the money for a new build school in South West Ipswich, the old Chantry High School, which should start next year. He may have delivered millions towards the new flood defences, and secured Treasury backing for rail improvements to the Great Eastern Main Line. He may have lobbied the Government for dozens of different things that will help Ipswich way into the future. But none of it will matter a jot when it comes to the next election, because nobody knows he has done any of these things; he can’t be bothered to tell them.

Every one in the constituency has received a copy of Ben’s bullitin which says what he has been doing. Mr Redsell may not have got one for the same reason I don’t get every copy of the Gipping Rose. Ben also writes in the Ipswich Star and regularly tweets on twitter. All David does is write balderdash on the Ipswich Labour website and in the Ipswich Star.

Mr Redsell continues

Meanwhile Cllr David Ellesmere, the Labour candidate, has been quietly telling every voter in Ipswich what is wrong with this coalition Government. Note that he hasn’t said a great deal about his solutions, mainly because on most issues Labour have no national policy, but he has successfully decried every setback that has befallen the Government – regardless of whether it is real or perceived. So despite the fact that everyone in Ipswich has to pay more in tax because of Cllr Ellesmere’s leadership, or the fact that every council tenant has to pay more so he can build more council houses to help secure his General Election victory, voters only hear about the utopia that will exist under a Labour Government.

All Mr Ellesmere has done is repeat what rEd MilliCluskey has said. He’s clueless.

Cllr Ellesmere has also been very canny in his campaigning through the year. He has kept the Liberal Democrats bottled up in St Margaret’s, where they lost one of two County Council seats (albeit on different boundaries) and he has seen off any potential Tory threat outside of Bixley ward. This could be the only Borough ward the Tories hold onto in the Ipswich constituency come the local elections next year.

None of this is because of anything Ellesmere has done.

Mr Redsell continues

The only threat to Cllr Ellesmere’s dominance of Ipswich politics for years to come seems to where a purple rosette and call itself UKIP. They’re talking up their chances of winning Borough seats off Labour in the elections in May 2014, and they could pose a serious threat to a Labour majority here in Ipswich if they attract enough working class support.

That must be why the socialists of UKIP are targeting Tory Wards. You don’t believe the rubbish they tell you do you? UKIP hate Tories to much to target Labour. The post ends with this.

But even here Cllr Ellesmere has laid the groundwork for victory. His alignment of UKIP with the EDL, made during the UAF march, is crude but effective.

So by aligning himself with the main front for the SWP UAF, he’s sorted out UKIP? Showing himself to be an uncaring patronising attacker of the disenfranchised working class has sorted out UKIP? How does Redsell work this out? The mind boggles.

So with all things considered, after his abysmal attempt to make David Ellesmere seem competent, Ben Redsell is my Ipswich Labour Blogger of 2013.

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