Ellesmere Happy with State of Roads in Gipping Ward

Yesterday the Ipswich Conservative group put forward an amendment to Ipswich Labour’s budget. It included using reserves to repair potholes in the borough. Predictably Labour didn’t like the idea. Politburo General Secretary, David Ellesmere and others kept saying that it was the County Council’s responsibility. Which is strange considering his groups past election campaign about libraries.
If he likes County Tory policy, why won’t he freeze council tax? The Conservatives were suggesting that the borough council takes responsibility. David Ellesmere didn’t want the council to take responsibility and sort out the mess some of our roads are in.

Conservative councillor for Holywells Liz Harsant said that if Councillor Ellesmere is happy with the state of the roads in his own ward of Gipping then the Ipswich Conservatives are quite happy to tell the residents of this.

In response Mr Ellesmere said that the Conservatives can tell the residents of Gipping Ward that he is happy with the condition of the roads in it. Well, Mr Ellesmere as you don’t mind, I’m more than happy to tell them this.

Dear residents of Gipping Ward,

Your local Labour Councillor is quite happy with the state of the roads in your ward.
IMG0067A Councillor Ellesmere is happy with the roads in his ward being full of pot holes. He says that he will tell us that it’s the County Tories fault. But as he didn’t like the borough Tories solution he’s obviously happy with the roads staying in the mess they are.

All pictures in this post are of roads in Gipping Ward

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