Harriott Harman must go

Despicable specimen Harriott Harman should resign. Mr and Mrs Dromy say PIE was banished before she became the NCCL’s legal officer in 1978. But In 1979, an edition of Magpie, PIE’s official journal, carried the NCCL appeal for new members in an appalling ‘Year of the Child’ edition.

Now I know that a member of the Labour Party lying isn’t unusual but lying about this? She should resign.

The Daily Mail reports here.

The journal, sent to PIE members, included news on paedophiles, articles on child porn and cartoons mocking assaults on children. These depicted abuse in a scout master’s tent, naked children and adults queuing up outside a bedroom for an ‘assault course’. The ‘year of the child’ edition – a distasteful twist on the UN designating 1979 as the ‘International Year of the Child’ – came with a ‘contact page’, which members could use to get in touch with other paedophiles, share images and advertise for children to abuse.
Miss Hewitt shared a platform with PIE founder O’Carroll

Harman, Dromy and Hewitt are clearly, morally repugnant vermin and we would be better off with such filth not being involved in public life.

Harriott Harman must go

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