Prat of the Week VI

This weeks Prat of the Week has been a bit difficult for the panel to decide. We only managed to have tweets by Aladsdair Ross and David Ellesmere submited.

Alasdair did this retweet

This was nominated because it show’s the lefts hatred of private enterprise.

Then Alasdair tweeted this

This was a contender because it shows Labour are happy with the state of the towns roads.

There was also this tweet by David Ellesmere.

This made the cut because it reminds everybody who Labour’s masters are.

These were the only tweets nominated. So how could we award Gold silver and bronze?

As always in a crisis, the Tories came to the rescue.

Four of them said this


The Bronze position was won by John Carnall because his statement that the amendment didn’t add up can’t be true otherwise the officers wouldn’t have let it be tabled if that was the case.

The Silver position was won by Kym Stroet. This is because the whole world knows what a backstabber he is now due to his action on Wednesday

Prat of the Week was won by George Debman. George is up for re-election in may and all the people who knock on doors and deliver leaflets for the Tories were at the meeting. Those same people clapped Liz Harsnat’s brilliant speech. Yet George Debman undermined the work they do week after week with one word. Only a prat could do that.

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