Teacher’s Rally?

Here Norwich Anglia Television say that this is teachers at a rally in Ipswich. Well it looks like the usual left wing loons to me.

That ‘teacher’ holding the left end of the banner, looks very much like long term unemployed, bolshevik blogger, Andrew Coates to me.

Also, that bloke near the red flag with the mastache. I’m sure he’s at every left wing rally. He also shows up at North East Area forums where he has been known to call other attendees fascists.

That bloke below the Fenn Wright sign looks very much like Suffolk Labour group leader, Sandy Martin.

So it’s not really a teachers rally. Take away the usual left wing loons and they’d be hardly anyone there. I’m surprised that David Ellesmere isn’t in the photo. After all, he loves a good march even if it’s organised by the SWP UAF

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1 Response to Teacher’s Rally?

  1. Jack R says:

    Just like a previous occasion when the teachers went on strike, Ipswich town centre had a boom in custom with all the youngsters enjoying their day out of school in the variable spring sunshine & showers. They were spending their pocket money and the traders had a great day.

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