Alley Gate Lock Broken


On the 16 March 2014 I reported that the barrel of the alley Gate has been taken out and stolen. The local councillors have been aware of this for a couple of months.

The borough asked if I could provide the address of the property and Housing Association who is responsible for the gate. I informed them that the gate was installed as part of the Street prostitution Strategy.

I then got this as a reply

I have contacted the team who installed the gates and they have advised that the reponsibility of maintenance and repairs to the gate/locks after they where fitted has been left with the residents. Kind regards, Cleaner Ipswich Hotline

I impolitely replied with one word implying that I wasn’t being told the truth.

Another local resident informed us that he has located the Company who are based in Manningtree – C And W Fencing’ who supplied the Gates for these Passage-Ways. They were not aware that maintenance of these Gates now fell to the local residents. So the Borough Council tried to fob me off. I stated this in an Email and said that I would be bringing this up at the West End residents community forum on Wednesday 26th March. Which I did.

Councillor Gardiner in a very off way informed me that Councillor Ellesmere has dealt with it. To which I stated that the barrel is still missing. Peter Gardiner then obnoxiously claimed it was local residents who keep breaking it rather than drug dealers who like using the alleyway as an office and said that it has been given to officers who are looking at the cost etc.

My next course of action will be asking a question to councillor Ellesmere about it at the Full Council Meeting in June.


Mike Grimwood : Good morning Mr Algar, my name is Mike Grimwood and
I am the Community Protection Operations Manager. Although the gates
were installed before I became responsible for this project I can
confirm that as part of the agreement to install the gates an
agreement was signed by the current tenants or owners that the
on-going maintenance would become their responsibility, therefore
the advice given was correct. However, I am aware some residents are
in discussions with their ward Cllrs so by discussing at this weeks
community forum is the correct route.

I do not recall signing any such agreement. Furthermore, none of my neighbours do either.

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