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It never ceases to amaze me just how nasty the Labour party is. Before I got involved with the Conservative party I knew Labour were nasty and knew that Labour’s campaigns were always dirty but I was shocked by Labour’s dirtiness. The amount of lies they tell is truly amazing. Their lies about Sure Start and the Winter Fuel allowance were two examples. Then Ipswich Labour’s borough election campaign the next year was truly shocking. The lies about libraries and lollypop patrols and the completely untrue claim that the Tories were going to scrap Ipswich Buses was very nasty.

Their secret manifesto of using locality budgets for pointless area committees was also nasty. To claim they were going to use locality budgets to ‘save’ libraries when they planned to use locality budgets to set up area committees shows what a bunch of liars they are.

It is quite possible to write a whole blog post about Ipswich Labour’s lies but that is only part of Labour’s nastiness.

A lot of members of Ipswich Labour are very unpleasant people. For instance, The Labour councillor who retweeted this picture of hero of the working class, Iian Duncan Smith in an SS uniform.
ross-retweets-ids-as-ss Ipswich Spy says here

Local Labour Councillor Alasdair Ross felt it was appropriate to retweet an image of IDS photoshopped into a picture of a Nazi uniform. I happened across it on the train with my Dad returning from London, and he was horrified. As a boy his first brush with death was a dead Nazi pilot he found floating in a pond near his home. He remembers watching newsreel of the horrors of that evil regime for the first time – at a time when people didn’t know. He took one look at that photo and said that whoever thought it appropriate didn’t deserve to hold public office. As a former soldier, you would hope that Cllr Ross knew better, but clearly his brand of hate politics got the better of him.

Alasdair is now back pedalling on his nasty blog claiming he didn’t see what the picture was. Considering virtually everything from the account it came from is along those lines, the idea is doubtful. Shirley, the person who did the original tweet is particularly nasty. One look at her twitter account makes it quite clear that Shirley is a bitter and twisted box of frogs. As well as Ross, Shirley is also followed by Ipswich Labour councillors Meudec and Connelly along with Ipswich Labour member Tony Woollard. The fact that they want to follow somebody so rancid says a lot about them. Champaign Socialist, Sophie Meudec retweeted a picture of Our greatest peace time Prime Minister with Jimmy Saville that the rancid Shirley tweeted. It’s a bit rich considering the deputy leader of the Labour party is a former apologist for paedophiles. But there hypocrisy is another aspect of Labour’s nastiness.

Another way Ipswich Labour are unpleasant was displayed on Wednesday evening when Peter Gardiner answered my question so obnoxiously. There was also a time at an Area Committee where Jeanette Macartney laughed at a matter I rose with the South West SNT.

Also, if you watch the full council meeting all the questions apart from mine were answered by Labour councillors in an obnoxious manner.

Another way they were shown to be nasty was when some of them including the leader marched with the SWP UAF bringing the borough into disrepute in the process.

Another aspect of their nastiness is their inability to do anything that isn’t for political purposes. It demonstrates what a bunch of self serving individuals they are. They are building council houses as part of Ellesmere’s election campaign but apart from that all they do is moan about the Tories. While the town is getting run down because of Labour’s incompetence they offer the electorate nothing. They callously put up council tax and council house rent so they can knock on doors and ask “Do you think you are better off now than you were in 2010?” Because everything is for their political gain, they are incapable of doing anything for the good of the people of Ipswich.

The reason the town centre has so many empty shops is because Ipswich Labour hate enterprise and actively oppose it. This is also an aspect of their nastiness.

Another aspect of Labour’s nastiness is the way the talk about what school David Cameron went to. This doesn’t stop three of the Ipswich champaign socialists working at Ipswich School, but then as I have already said, hypocrisy is another aspect of their nastiness. as 15 members of the shadow cabinet went to private schools, it is pure hypocrisy. But Labour like being a bunch of stuck up snobs.

Nasty campaigns, nasty tweets, nasty blogs, nasty hypocrisy, nasty people, nasty policies, nasty party, Labour.

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  1. super blue says:

    The only front bencher for any party who really donned a National Socialist uniform is Balls, who admits to half of the description (as does dRoss).

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