Guest Post by James Harding

I will start with the Hypocrisy of Champagne-Alasdair he consistently whinges when someone has told him something he doesn’t want to hear. I remember when he and Councillor Glen Chisholm were having great fun participating in an argument where a fellow Tory and I were being called racist and bigoted on twitter. This followed with Glen giving me a lecture on how I should embrace equality and diversity and went on his high horse.

Champagne-Alasdair is always tweeting something or other about how bad the Tories are and how he and The Labour Party are so great. Only a few days ago he implied Ben Gummer was privileged and went on his usual big headed, belligerent and patronising rant.

Champagne-Alasdair a few days ago went beyond political banter and actually retweeted a picture edit of Iain Duncan-Smith dressed in a Nazi uniform. This is completely inappropriate of someone who holds public office. This is not the first time Champagne-Alasdair has tweeted something nasty which goes beyond political banter a few months back he made a comment about how Eric Pickles would be better off used as a sandbag. Anyway, This is by far the nastiest tweet Champagne-Alasdair has ever came out with. Of cause tweets attacking Judy Terry are also very nasty as she has no way of defending herself.

Back to the Tweet about IDS. Champagne-Alasdair follows and retweets very nasty people. He enjoys seeing Tories being offended personally on Twitter so much so he even joins in occasionally.

He then goes and tweets about the Tories defending themselves but he forgets the fact that the things he says are worse.

Now, Champagne-Alasdair tried to insult everyone’s intelligence by coming up the excuse he didn’t open the full tweet and didn’t see the picture. For those non twitter users you can see a part of the picture even without opening it and I can tell you that it looked war like even seeing part of the SS hat.

So OK Champagne-Alasdair’s excuse isn’t a likely story, but lets give him the benefit of the doubt. Now in his post ‘apologising’ to IDS and for his mistake he goes on attacking him with this;

The tweet was about Ian Duncan Smith, who in an interview said he could live on £53.00 a week but then claimed £39 for just one breakfast! I have no doubt that IDS could live on just £53 a week – but for how long? It is meant to be the money you live on, not just survive

Well Champagne-Alasdair, I remind you that food prices in London are more expensive and whether you should claim expenses on food is a different matter.

Here’s the next paragraph:

Now attached to the statement was a picture of IDS, when you first look at the tweet it seems he has a hat on but when you open the picture(which I never), he has been photo shopped into a Nazi uniform. Do I believe IDS is a Nazi? – No, do I think the picture added humour to the tweet? Some may have found it funny,but I never.

Now trying to make sense of this part was tricky however I’m prepared to give Champagne-Alasdair benefit of the doubt that he doesn’t think IDS is a Nazi. What he says from there is a mystery to us all.

Champagne-Alasdair then concludes with a good old fashioned whinge.

have removed the re-tweet but not before I received quite a nasty personal attack via twitter from an Ipswich Tory activist! I hope that same Tory is writing to Grant Shapps to ask why Aiden Burley has not had the Tory whip removed or even been thrown out of the Tory Party, but somehow I guess that has not happened.

This being the only well written part of the piece it was disappointing it was full of such nonsensical rubbish. Firstly, Yes Champagne-Alasdair did remove the retweet but only when it came back to bite him. There was no such attack on Champagne-Alasdair he was simply told why his tweet was a load of twaddle. I can confirm that the individual who so eloquently told Alasdair of his ignorance has not contacted Grant Shapps because he has a life and he is too busy getting Ben Gummer relected. However he does thank Champagne-Alasdair for his suggestion furthermore adding how’s the Champers?

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