Ipswich Labour’s arrogant pride dented as Tories hold Holywells and Stoke Park

Ipswich Labour had their arrogant pride dented yesterday with the Tories keeping Labour target seats.

Labour had worked Holywells so hard boasting with their usual Peacock style arrogance on twitter about the number of activists they had had in the ward and how George Debman was horrified at walking into his local pub and seeing seventeen Labour activists in it. So you can imagine how disappointed they were when George Debman won by 89 votes.

Ipswich Labour were so arrogant about Stoke Park that they hardly did any work there. I heard that David Ellesmere was delivering a few pledge letters last week looking a bit forlorn and also perplexed about the gap between the houses he had pledge letters he had to deliver to.

Then yesterday Labour eventually worked out the game was afoot in Stoke Park at some point in the afternoon when they realized the Tories had had tellers on polling stations all day coupled with a lot of people knocking on doors. They must have found the number of people walking around the ward wearing blue rosettes somewhat disturbing.

But Ipswich Labour still arrogantly thought they were going to win. Imagine their shock when Nadia Cenci won by 210 votes. Their faces were a real picture.

These results show that after three years of Labour gaining across the borough the tide has turned and points to Ben Gummer increasing his majority next year as part of the national Tory landslide.

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