CHAINCHECKER: The First Step to Tackling Human Trafficking in the Supply Chain

Human trafficking is not a straightforward challenge for a business, regardless of its size. Businesses are often unaware of the unethical and sometimes criminal behaviour of others in their supply chain and the legal, reputational and operational risks associated.

Even if business owners possess a basic understanding of human trafficking and think their organisation could be vulnerable due to the locations in which they operate, how can they find out? The perceived scale of understanding what areas of your business and supply chain could be unwittingly supporting the crime and implementing policies, procedures and processes to stop this poses a huge barrier. As a consequence, businesses have tended to concentrate on their core business activities and have other Corporate Social Responsibility targets and priorities.

The truth is that any organisation may find it extremely difficult to trace their multi-national and possibly fragmented supply chain. This is why we must begin with a risk-based approach. If companies can begin to identify areas of high risk and focus on these, to ask questions of their suppliers and their supplier’s suppliers, they can start to make that change.

ChainChecker is intended to be the first step businesses can take to understand their risk, responsibility and the action they can take to prevent them being directly or indirectly involved with human trafficking.

To find out more about ChainChecker, how it works and to take advantage of the limited offer of £50 to sign up go here.

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