ISIS and the stupidity of some on the left.

Here the Daily Mail reports

Iraqi insurgents executed at least 160 prisoners in just four days in the northern city of Tikrit, according to a human rights group which cited analysis of satellite imagery and shocking photographs released by the militants.

The U.S.-based Human Rights Watch said jihadists from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) killed between 160 and 190 men in two locations in Tikrit between June 11 and June 14.

The group has compiled a series of graphics documenting the massacres after painstakingly cross-referencing landmarks and individuals from various satellite images with pictures posted online by ISIS.

‘The number of victims may well be much higher, but the difficulty of locating bodies and accessing the area has prevented a full investigation,’ it said.

After overrunning large swaths of northern Iraq and capturing the cities of Mosul and Tikrit earlier this month, the Islamic extremist group posted graphic photos on a militant website that appeared to show fighters loading dozens of captured soldiers onto flatbed trucks.

They were then forced to lie in a shallow ditch with their hands tied behind their backs while apparently being shot in the head. A final set of photos shows bodies piled up.

ISIS have also produced a map of their five year plan for the world here . As well as the Middle East, North Africa and large areas of Asia, it also reveals ISIS’ ambition to extend into Europe. Spain, which was Muslim-ruled until the late 15th Century, would form part of the caliphate, as would the Balkan states and eastern Europe, up to and including Austria

Now not everyone on the left are completely bonkers. Andy Coates for instance, puts it brilliantly when he says

It does not take much imagination to see that this is a totalitarian hell-hole.

One wonders how some on the ‘left’ like Socialist Worker continue to come out with lines like the following,

“Muslims who want to fight Bashar al-Assad’s dictatorship in Syria and now the government in Iraq are being portrayed as the major problem.

The politicians and police never consider the feeling of injustice and persecution that leads young men to want to go and fight.”

It would be more accurate to say that the minority of Muslims from Europe, who respond to the call of the Caliphate, wish to inflict injustice and persecution.

Now we can understand the Socialist Rapists Workers Party supporting people who would execute them for being infidels, because the SWP believe that America and the Tories are to blame for all the world’s ills. But they are not the only bonkers people.

New darling of the left, Russell Brand called Fox News more dangerous than ISIS. I did a Vlog on how ridiculous it was and got this response from the authors of the dRoss Blog and

What a bunch of muppets!

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