More Hypocrisy from Ipswich Labour

Ipswich Labour have been delivering junk mail concerning letting fees and it just so happens that Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger has a copy.

It says that the cost of renting is spiralling out of control under David Cameron and then claims that Labour will scrap rip-off letting fees and bring down the cost of renting. This is classic Ipswich Labour hypocrisy. Ipswich Labour have put up rents at nearly double the rate of inflation on hard-working council tenants to pay for the central plank of David Ellesmere’s election campaign and other vanity projects. Ipswich’s lousy Labour council has put up both council house rent and Council Tax. Labour are real masters at the art of Double Think, saying one thing and doing another. They put it across that they care for the most vulnerable in the town, but their actions demonstrate that they look on the vulnerable as a group to exploit for political gain. Labour burden the poor because they only care about themselves.

Ipswich Labour also indulge in Double Think with their excuses for exacerbating the cost of living crisis. With council house rent they say that they raised it in accordance with government guide lines even though government guide lines were for a council tax freeze. So they claim government cuts are to blame for the council tax rise. Ipswich Labour’s raison d’√™tre is to create hardship so they can blame the Tories for it.

If you read the leaflet and listen to what they say, it is clear that they believe the problem is that not everybody lives in a council house. This is more Double Think because none of them live in council houses. Though the leaflet says they plan to help those who want to buy, it is merely smoke and mirrors because they clearly do not believe in a property owning democracy.



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