Our Freedom Draws Nigh

The first UK poll after Juncker battle shows rising support for our exit from the EUSSR.

Our brilliant Prime Minister, David Cameron openly campaigned to stop the former Trotskyite Juncker getting the top job in the EUSSR, but last Friday David Cameron was betrayed by people who said they would support him.

This coupled with Poland’s Foreign Minister claiming that Cameron ‘fucked it up and doesn’t get it’ is further reason why we should leave. It is clear that they want a federalist, totalitarian European superstate.

There shall be a Tory landslide next year and when we have the in/out referendum the majority of people will vote for our freedom.

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4 Responses to Our Freedom Draws Nigh

  1. gavinmaclure says:

    I am more and more convinced this has the hand of Crosby all over it…very shrewd politics from Cameron!

  2. Jim P says:

    The hypocrisy of Miliband is shocking, or maybe he just has the (alleged/urban myth) memory of a goldfish of 8 seconds. Last week he was praising & supporting the PM in resisting Juncker for being nominated. As soon as the unprecedented vote which DC forced through, regrettably, went the other way, EM has been on the heavy attack.
    Probably because his paymaster Red McCluskey has agreed to fund the labour party’s election campaign, as no-one else wants to. Mr McC probably emailed EM on Friday evening with something along the lines of “Hey brother, get back to attacking DC and I’ll promise you £10m of election funding on Monday. In Solidarity, LM”

  3. Blue Ed says:

    Europe now bans vacuum cleaners over 1600w, and above 900w in 2017. This shows what a nanny-state organisation the EUSSR is. Surely we should have personal freedom to use whatever power we want for our electronic appliances, after all, we individually pay our own electricity bills! Instead we will have poorly performing cleaners, creating problems for asthma sufferers, increasing the time it takes to clean one’s house, and leaving us less time to do more important things.
    No doubt power showers, kettles, electric heaters, toasters and electric cookers are on their radar for power reduction measures next!
    Such ridiculous ideas need to be on DC’s target list of things to opt out from.

  4. Blue Ed says:

    It looks like A Riverside View has an audience in Brussels (well done on your 3000th post by the way) as my prediction from yesterday has already come to fruition!


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