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Here is a reblog of my post about the latest left wing damp squib down the smoke here and I would just like to comment on the rebloggers comments.

The protest was yet another damp squib like all the lefts demo’s are. It’s always the same group of people who show up at these events which are more social gatherings than a means of changing anything. These protests and Marches will continue, because demonstrating is what the left like doing. I am aware that these protests aren’t just for Labour supporters. You have the SWP, Socialist Unity and a whole range of other insignificant left wing groups. You will find unemployed – but equally you will find workers on low pay due to Labour’s open door immigration policy, people on zero hour contracts that Labour found nothing wrong with when they were in government and a host of other people Labour made vulnerable on purpose.

As for that ‘incident’ involving disabled people. It’s about as accurate as the spin Robespierre said about Marie Antoinette saying “Let them eat cake.”

Russell Brand is clueless and is dating the millionaire sister of a high profile Tory.

It was yet another occasion of poor people gathering to hear rich people telling them that other rich people are the reason they are poor.

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3 Responses to Response to comments on a reblog

  1. loopeyange says:

    Clearly you haven’t been to one of these “social gatherings” or are aware of the growing numbers of citizens who are supporting such people. Whether it be a Tory OR Labour government, our People are suffering because of policies that have been brought in, Corporations that have been allowed to dictate what goes on in Government, Banking system that brought the Country to its knees, and corrupt as hell….and who suffers most? It’s an unequal system, with policies – especially DWP overhal of the disabled, that has caused untold suffering.
    We have had closed courts and forced adoptions – I personally know a couple who almost lost their granddaughter due to this.
    Abuse that has been covered up – MPs are shaking in their boots, and rightly so!

    Call these people what you want – or call them activists or protesters…I don’t know, but I do know that things need to change, and everywhere on social media you can see discontent.
    We have brilliant journalists that speak the truth – Sonia Poulton isn’t afraid to say it like it is….have you seen her you tube interviews?

    Things need to change, and I for one support them wholly, and I’m from Ipswich!!

    • Kevin Algar says:

      I have been to left wing “social gatherings” and understand that if the Tories were not in government they would have nothing to do. This is why they let Labour privatise the NHS.

      I am quite aware that people are suffering but Labour designed there system of state dependency to make it inevitable. Closed courts and forced adoptions are an absolute outrage. Social Services need to be reined in. but the left would just suggest more government. Closed courts fly in the face of our right to have representation under the law.

      MP’s are not shaking in their boots over these protests. How many million of us (yes I was one of them) marched against the invasion of Iraq?

      I am also quite aware of the discontent manifesting on social media. You must also be aware that some are turning to groups like UKIP and the repugnant Britain First. But the fact is that neither UKIP, Britain First or the Peoples Assembly Against Austerity have the answers.

      Of course things need to change. That’s why we need a Conservative majority.

      • loopeyange says:

        I’m glad we agree on some things! – I’m afraid to say though, I could never vote Tory after the terror they have inflicted on disabled people….Labour aren’t exactly appealing ATM….but I’ll be keen to see what happens this summer.

        Oh, forgot to mention the awful BNP…errrr oops – Britain First! What a vile bunch!

        UKIP? – they need to get their expenses and policies in order…not to mention their handling of public situations when it doesn’t sway in their favour!

        Iraq war? Tony Blair is a horrid little critter who should be tried for war crimes – instead? He’s living the life of luxury – makes me want to vomit!

        Social Media has connected people – and connected a generation who maybe wouldn’t otherwise be interested in politics. It’s got a wider range of people discussing key issues. People want to be involved – they want MPs to listen and represent them. They want policies that THEY have voted for…..I really don’t think the PM has delivered.

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