Ipswich People’s Assembly Latest

On Saturday the Ipswich People’s Assembly for National Bankruptcy against Austerity were in town. Apparently they’re having a little march and rally on 10th of July like socialists do. I was given a flyer about it by Harvey Crane who said that, no doubt I’d like to attend so I can take the piss out of it. Unfortunately I’m likely to be grafting all day this Thursday, so I am unlikely to be able to report on the damp squib that it is likely to be. This is on the day that Labour’s puppet Masters have called a strike.

They were giving out what looks like a newspaper from the People’s Assembly for National Bankruptcy against Austerity with the headline, Strike on 10 July. It says that the strikes still depend on ballots from some unions. Of course the reason they have to ballot their members before strike action is because Margaret Thatcher democratised the trade unions, much to the communist union barons horror.

Inside it mentions a rally which would be yet another left wing social gathering and a March for the NHS, as in our health service which is now the best in the world due to the improvements brought in by this government. The NHS that no longer has needless deaths covered up apart from in Wales where Labour control the Welsh Assembly.

There’s also going to be demonstrations against NATO in Wales in September. Obviously they are against NATO because we won the Cold War and their dream of having this country as rubbish as Stalinist Russia never came to pass.

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One Response to Ipswich People’s Assembly Latest

  1. Jack R says:

    Hopefully when Scotland votes overwhelmingly to remain part of the United Kingdom, the government can sort out where devolution has gone disastrously wrong. The 1st place to start at is to remove control of NHS from the devolved assembly of Wales, and bring it back under the control of Westminster.
    Next Scotland needs to be sorted out, and rather than giving them more devolution as a bribe, a thorough review needs to be done to assess which matters need to come back to the UK government, as well as other matters which could be more appropriately devolved.

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