Travellers on Gippeswyk Park

Here James Spencer has written a post about the travellers residing on Gippeswyk Park. James says that

we’ll see if the Ipswich Labour Party approves of this invasion by the amount of time it takes to evict them.

If it takes less than a week then there will not have been any nods and winks about this and they will have genuinely moved in without Ellesmere’s blessing.

Actually, if it takes less than a week it will be because a certain Tory who lives in the ward has been busy getting the ball rolling and giving Mr Spencer time to scoop him in the process.


I have been informed that the borough council began the process to remove them on Friday afternoon. It’s a process that involves both the County Council and the Court so inevitably takes a few days.

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9 Responses to Travellers on Gippeswyk Park

  1. Esther says:

    Why did they only start the process to remove them a week after they had set up camp? in the Boroughs policy document it stats that for illegal encampment if they are on urban park they will be removed quickly. They arrive on the Friday night and the council were well aware that they were camped by Saturday morning. The process should have started on Monday morning and along with the new enforcement powers councils ( have been granted they should have been removed by Wednesday.

    a skip has been provided but they are not using it for their rubbish, they have abandoned a caravan next to it instead. their camp is next to the children’s play area and they are stopping people from using this by warning them off, this right at the start of the school holidays and in the good weather is stopping local people for using facilities that they pay for. The out buildings have been broken into and there is general rubbish littering across the whole park. they have park their caravans in such a way to cause maximum intimidation to park users. Why do they get special treatment when they break planning laws and just about every other rule written?

  2. Ben Redsell says:

    Given the cost of clearing up rubbish from the park after they leave (court date is Monday) I think giving them a skip is eminently sensible and pragmatic. Can’t have been a councillors idea.

  3. Kevin Algar says:

    Yeah Ben, the skip which they probably won’t use is probably only costing us £200 a day too. As it’s going to cost over a grand already, why not add to the expense?

  4. Claire and John Newton says:

    See how much mess the travellers make and then hire a skip for a day or two to clear the mess would be a better way.

    Surely you need to see what rubbish is there before think of means to clear it?

  5. Ben Redsell says:

    The skip is full, because they used it. Be pragmatic Kevin, rather than blinkered, just try it for once. Without the skip, that rubbish would be strewn across the park. So parks staff would have to be paid overtime to clear it up, and the park would be out of use for even longer. I very much doubt IBC pay £200 for a skip. If, of course, it is IBC that paid for it, not the travellers themselves (I concede which is more likely). I’m pretty sure that providing the skip is by far the cheaper option.

  6. Esther says:

    Yes they use the skip and the other bins, and the hedges rows and the middle of the park and just about anywhere else they feel like dumping their rubbish, so it’s the cost of clear up plus skips (as it was changed for an empty one last night) rather than just clear up. It’s difficult to be tolerant when they have absolutely no respect for their surroundings or other park users. The court order required them to leave yesterday but they are still there which is no surprise. What happens now I wonder?

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