Six Hundred gather in London for Iraq prayer vigil

Prayers were said outside the Houses of Parliament in a sign of solidarity for Iraq’s persecuted Christians.

Six Hundred Christians have dropped to their knees in a minute’s silence held in London’s Parliament Square to pray for the tens of thousands of Iraqi Christian’s who’ve been forced to flee their homes from Islamic militant group IS. More here.

The Catholic Herald reports here,

Organised by ‘7:14’, a group that organises occasions in which Christians publicly pray together for the nation and its leaders, 600 Christians (mainly Evangelical Protestants, often of a distinctly charismatic flavour) came to intercede together before God for their persecuted middle-eastern brethren-in-Christ. Many were wearing red jackets, jumpers, sweaters and other pieces of clothing in conscious symbolism of the blood of Christians martyred in the plains of Nineveh.

From 18:45, people started coalescing together in the centre of the lawn just opposite the Palace of Westminster, and just before Big Ben struck 19:00, we were called to gather more closely together around two young men who told us the plan: to pray independently for Christians in Iraq, either individually or (as was more expected) in groups, and intercede for three blessings in particular that had been identified by Canon Andrew White, the Anglican Vicar of Baghdad. These were ‘provision’ of food, water, and other supplies they need to survive), ‘protection’ against the violence the barbaric thugs of ISIS, and ‘perseverance’ through their suffering.

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