On Douglas Carswell’s Political Suicide

The fun part of the story is that UKIP has already selected their candidate and he isn’t stepping down. Whoops! More on that here.

I am looking forward to pounding the streets of Clacton for the Conservative Party

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4 Responses to On Douglas Carswell’s Political Suicide

  1. Alex Jones says:

    I am with the Lib Dems, see you in Clacton!

  2. Jack R says:

    2 weeks ago when Farage was hoping to be selected for his party’s nomination in the South Thanet constituency, he proudly stated that in his party, hierarchy does not matter, and he had to compete with the other potential candidates upon which the local party would then vote for their preferred candidate.
    But when it comes to Clacton, his party over-turns such rules and dictates from their self-created “national executive” to the local members who their new candidate is, and the man expecting the nomination is out.
    What hypocrisy!

  3. Clair and John Newton says:

    Mr Carswell shows a supreme arrogance! He believes he can simply change sides, call a by election and win! He is saying ‘vote for me because I’m so great and popular and of cause you don’t mind me being UKIP’ Why call a by election 6 months before the country goes to the polls? It’s to score political points and headlines! I believe this was a back room deal between the Party of Fools and Douglas Carswell, this is what this whole by election is being called. A back room deal. Hopefully the voters of Clacton will see Mr Carswell’s arrogant behaviour and this backroom deal by election and vote for the Conservative Party candidate. Conservatives: The only Party which can provide real change and represent Clacton without these shabby backroom deals which Carswell and his clowns represent.

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